Can I Use My Current Shopify Theme Instead Of The Ones Provided In ZeroUp™?

es, you can use your current Shopify theme instead of the ones that we provide in ZeroUp™. Unfortunately, you will still need to select a theme from ZeroUp™ first. 

The instruction below are for those that still want to use our 25 suggested products while at the same time use back their own Shopify theme. 

  1. Log in to your Zero Up™ account.
  2. Click Settings from the top right corner.
  3. Under the "Connect To Your Shopify Account" section, click on the "Build your store with Site Wizard" button.
  4. Since you will be using your own Shopify theme, you may skip Step #1 and click on Step #2.
  5. Select the niche for your store, then click Continue. Depending on the niche that you choose, 25-niche related products will be automatically generated inside your store. (If you do not want to receive the 25-niche related product, just randomly choose one and press "Continue")
  6. Only fill in your store details IF you want to use our page templates for About Us, Privacy Policy, Refund Policy, Terms Of Use, FAQ, and or Contact Us pages. (If you already have those pages on your store, do NOT fill out any information.)
  7. Select the pages that you want to automatically add to your store by checking the box(es) next to the desired page(s). These are templates that you can use right away and you can edit them inside your Shopify Store in Pages. Again, leave this section blank if you do NOT want to create any pages. 
  8. Under Additional Settings section, keep the box checked next to "Add Niche Products" if you want the 25 niche-related products generated in your store. If you don't want to include them, then uncheck the box. You will also be able to edit or remove any of those 25 niche-related products inside your Shopify Store in Products.
  9. Click Publish Your Store. You will then be automatically directed back to the Zero Up™ dashboard page.
  10. If you checked the box to import the 25-niche products, they will be uploaded to your Shopify store. You will then need to go back to those products and edit the pricing. 

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