What If I Am Already Selling Aliexpress Products In My Shopify Store?

If you are already selling Aliexpress products in your Shopify store, you will need to manually sync your products with ZeroUp™. Because in order for ZeroUp™ to automate the ordering and tracking for you, it needs to know exactly where you are ordering the product from. To do this, simply follow the steps below: 

  1. Under Product Engine, select Product Sync

  2. You will see all the products that are not synced with ZeroUp™ under "Unsynced Products", select the product that you want to sync.

  3. You will be prompted to step #2. Copy and paste in the Aliexpress URL link for the product and press "Continue".

  4. You will not need to go back to Shopify to adjust the pricing because the product pricing was there already. You are only letting ZeroUp™ know exactly where to order this product. 

**Please note that only Aliexpress products will need to be synced, if you have products in your store that are not sourced from AliExpress (i.e. products from other marketplaces or products where you have your own supplier and fulfillment center), you can still carry and promote these products in your store.

HOWEVER, with these products, you will have to manually order and fulfill these orders. 

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