Google Chrome Extension Overview

The Google Chrome Extension in an additional tool that enhances the automated ordering process with Zero Up™.

To download the Google Chrome Extension, please go to

The Zero Up™ extension is only available to Google Chrome Browser.

When you experience an "Error" in your Order Status, you no longer need to copy and paste the fulfill the order via AliExpress.

Simply follow our steps below or watch the video above for full details.

Step 1. Click on the Zero Up™ Icon on your Google Chrome Browser and you will be directed to your Zero Up™ dashboard.

Step 2. Go to the Order Status page.

Step 3. For any "Error" orders, simply click on the button "Buy via Extension".

Step 4. You will be directed to AliExpress in the same browser and let the pages load to the AliExpress login page.

Step 5. Login to your AliExpress account and let the pages load.

Step 6. Our extension will automate the entire buying process for you and fill in the address details.

Step 7. You will be brought to the order confirmation page in AliExpress. On this page, you may make any adjustments you'd like such as and not limited to shipping address change, credit card change, notes to vendors and even shipping method change.

Step 8. Click on "Pay Now" button on AliExpress.

Step 9. Once the order has been approved, we will direct you back to Zero Up™ Order Status page and your Order ID from AliExpress will be saved in your Zero Up™ account for the automated Tracking Status.

From time to time, you may also be asked to input security verification or banking verification through the Zero Up™ Extension. Just fill in the necessary details.

If you are experience any issues with our Zero Up™ Extension, please do not hesitate and contact us.

The current Zero Up™ extension version is: Version 1.0.5

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