I Am Currently Using One Of The Zero Up™ Shopify Themes, Can I Switch To A Different One?

If you would like to switch to a different Shopify theme available inside of Zero Up™:

  1. Log in to your Zero Up™ account
  2. Click Settings from the top right corner.
  3. Under the "Connect To Your Shopify Account" section, click on the "Build your store with Site Wizard" button.
  4. Step 1: select the new theme that you want to use, then click Continue

  5. Step 2: select the niche that you want to use. You can use the same niche or switch to a different niche at this point, then click Continue.

  6. Step 3: There are few things you can set up here based on what you want to achieve. 

    Store Details

    Enter in all your store details if you want to make use of the template pages that we have available. The store details will replace the default information in the template pages so that it is tailored to your business. 
    *Please note: if you are previously filled out the store details and you have added the template pages to your store already, you do not need to repeat this process. Simply just leave all the fields blank and keep the boxes next to the pages unchecked*

    Add Niche Products: Check this box if you want to add the 25 niche-related products into your Shopify Store. If you are simply switching to a new theme but you are still using the same niche, please leave the box unchecked so you won't be adding duplicate products.

    Remove All Products From Shopify: Check this box if you are switching to a new niche and you want to remove the existing products from your Shopify store. 

    Remove All Pages From Shopify: Check this box if you want to remove all existing pages from your Shopify store. 

    Example Scenario:

    *If you are switching to a new niche and you want to remove the existing niche products form your Shopify store, check the box next to " Add Niche Products" AND check the box next to "Remove All Products From Shopify".*

  7. Once you're done, click "Publish Your Store".

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