How To Setup Email Integration With InfusionSoft?

**  Before starting the integration process, please be sure you have a tag created inside your InfusionSoft account**  

Once you have  confirmed the setup of tags in InfusionSoft, you are able to begin the actual integration!

To integrate with Infusionsoft:

1. Select  Infusionsoft from the drop-down menu for Autoresponder System.

2. Open a new browser and login to your  Infusionsoft account.

3. Click on the  Infusionsoft's logo at the top-left hand corner of your dashboard within Infusionsoft. Then select "Settings" under the Admin section of the sub-navigation bar.

4. Click on "  Application" on the left sidebar menu.

5. Scroll to the  API section, copy the Encrypted Key and paste it in the Encrypted Key section within Zero Up™.

6. Find your  subdomain of your Infusionsoft login. Simply look at your web address in your browser. Copy the details "" and paste it in the Infusionsoft URL field. (Do not copy the https: part).

7. Click "Save".

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