How To Setup Email Integration With MailChimp?

To integrate with MailChimp:

1. Select  MailChimp from the drop-down menu for Autoresponder System.

2. Open a new browser and  login to your MailChimp account.

3. At the top of the navigation bar in your MailChimp dashboard, click on your  profile icon or name of your account. Then, select Account

4. Click on  Extras on the account page, then select API Keys.

5. Create a New Key. Copy the  API Keys and paste it in the API Key section within Zero Up™.

6. Click "Save".

Please Note  MailChimp settings default to a double opt-in, which we recommend deactivating in order to prevent a potential discrepancyThe LeadsTunnel/MailChimp integration has been updated to include an API call that adds members directly, however, this does not deactivate the Welcome Email.

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