How To Setup Email Integration With Sendlane?

To integrate with Sendlane:

1. Select  Sendlane from the drop-down menu for Autoresponder System.

2. Open a new browser and  login to your Sendlane account.

3. At the top of the navigation bar in your Sendlane dashboard, click on your  name of your account. Then, select Account Settings.

4. Under the Security Credentials section, copy your API Key and paste it in the API Key field within Zero Up™.

5. Under the same section, copy your Hash Key and paste it in the Hash Key field within Zero Up™.

6. Look at the browser's web address from your SendLane dashboard to find your subdomain. Input the  subdomain into the subdomain field within Zero Up™ (e.g.  ONLY ENTER the XXX part. I.E. If it says - you would only enter "user" in the subdomain field.

6. Click "Save".

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