How Do I Cancel The Order On AliExpress?

Once you have received an Order on your Shopify Store, Zero Up™ will automatically place an order on AliExpress on your behalf.  That being said, if your customer or you need to cancel the order, you will actually need to go into your AliExpress account to cancel the order to ensure the shipment will not be send to your customer after you have refunded or cancelled the order in your Shopify store.

1. Log into your AliExpress Account > My Order.

2. Find the corresponding order.  You can use the Order ID found inside your Zero Up™ Order Status and search it in your AliExpress account.

3. Cancel the Order if it has not ben shipped out yet.

4. Go back to your Zero Up™ account > Order Status and click on the "Placed" button.  It should take you to a page called "Set Manual" in which you can remove the order ID and click save.  You may also "Archive" this order as well to avoid confusion.

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