What Is The Refund Policy?

Please note that Zero Up™ has a No Refund Policy due to the software & training, community access, support and other immediately accessible resources you receive upon enrolment. 

However, there is a 3-day cancellation policy in place if you wish to cancel your membership access within 3-days of your purchase date. Simply email Team@ZeroUpLab.com and we will gladly refund your money back in full.  After the 3-day period, no refunds or cancellations will be processed. 

Refund Policy For Payment Plan

The same NO REFUND Policy applies to those who purchased Zero Up™ with the 3-month payment plan. You will have a 3-day cancellation period after your purchase date, where you can get a full refund on your first payment and then automatically be removed from future recurring payments. 

If you want a refund after the 1st payment:

When it is time to make your 2nd or 3rd payment, and you decide to cancel your access to Zero Up™, we will be able to void that month's payment and remove you from future recurring payment(s). However, we will not be able to refund you for the 1st payment

For more information about our No Refund Policy, please visit our refund policy page here. Should you have any questions about our NO REFUND policy, please reach out to Team@ZeroUpLab.com and our team will be happy to assist you. 

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