How Do I Resync A Product?

If you have a product that is already synced inside Zero Up™ and you want to resync the product because your vendor may have removed the product or there's a variant change, please follow the steps below to resync your product again.

1. Go to your Zero Up™ account > Product List > Product Sync.

2. Select "Product Synced" and scroll down or enter the product name to search for the product.

3. Beside the product that you wish to resync, click on the edit icon.

4. On top of the edit page, you should see an "AliExpress Product URL" section. Click on the "Edit" button.

5. Paste in the new AliExpress link and click "Sync".6. Once you have sync the new link, scroll all the way down and click on "Update Changes" button to save the changes.

7. Your product is now resynced and your should be redirect to your Shopify Store's product description page.

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