Do I Still Need To Use The Shopify Admin Portal If I'm Using The Site Wizard?

Yes, the Site Wizard is just a quick setup feature that allows you to create a website with just a few clicks of the button. Here's the breakdown of what the Site Wizard does and what you can do inside the Shopify Admin Portal:

Site Wizard

1. Select 1 of the 10 predesigned e-Commerce Shopify Themes.

2. Choose a store niche that represents what your store is all about.

3. Fill in your store details and choose the pages that you want to automatically published to your store. ( Please Note: By Default, all pages are selected and will be automatically published to your store. If you do not wish to add a specific page, simply deselect the checkbox beside the page(s)). Then click "Publish Your Store".

Please Note: Once you have selected a niche for your store, 25 niche-related products will be automatically generated to your store. You do have the option to choose your own products and edit the product information the way you want it. On top of that, you can edit the legal pages that are created to your store and make it relevant to your brand and business.

Shopify Admin Portal

Inside the Shopify Admin Portal, this is where you can control the more advanced operational settings for your store.

  • Track Orders, Drafts, and Abandoned Checkouts
  • Create Discount Codes
  • Create/Edit Products, Collections, and Gift Cards
  • Create Blog Posts, Web Pages, and Navigation Menus
  • Customize Theme Aesthetics
  • Set Store Preferences Settings Including Tracking Pixels, Meta Descriptions etc.
  • Set Shipping Costs, Taxes, Payments, Notifications etc.
  • Set Store Domains
  • etc.

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