Order Status Guide

Here's a list of possible order status you may encounter and what each order status means:
  • Placed: Order is successfully placed on AlIiExpress.
  • In Queue: Order is in queue to be processed by Zero Up™.
  • Processing: Order is currently being processed by Zero Up™. (Please note that you will not be able to buy via extension or edit the order if the ordering is under Processing since Zero Up™ is already working on the order)
  • Autobuying Disabled: Automatic buying is turned off (Buy via Extension is required to complete the order.)
  • Capture Payment: Payment is not captured inside Shopify. To resolve the issue, please go to your Shopify account > Orders and click on "Capture Payment".
  • Partial Error: Part of the order has an error.
  • Error: There's an error when Zero Up™ was processing the order. (Please hover over the error button for the error message and follow the instruction)
  • Cancelled: Order has been cancelled on AliExpress.

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