How Do I Build A Landing Page?

To build a landing page:

  1. Click Funnel Builder from the left navigation menu.
  2. Under "Landing Pages", click the blue Build A New Landing Page button.

  3. Select the landing page template that you would like to use. Click Next. You can click on "LIVE PREVIEW" to see what the page looks like. 

  4. Select a store product that you would like to promote on your landing page. You can select from the generated product list, or enter in the product name in the search field. 
    Please note: Only 1 product can be selected at a time.

  5. Fill in your landing page information. Click Next.

    Page Name: Give your landing a name. This is for internal use only so make you sure you enter a name that you'll remember.

    URL-Slug: Enter in the unique URL for your page. Please remember to use all lower case and separate each word with a dash (-).
    E.g. URL-Slug: free-gift (The actual landing page url would be "").

    Page Type: Click on the drop-down menu to select Front-End, Upsell, or Downsell. 

    Front-end: This is the main product that you want to promote.
    Upsell: Refers to an add-on, or upgrade to the front-end product.
    Downsell: Refers to a product that cost less than the front-end product.

  6. Then use the click-and-drag landing page builder to help you create a customized landing page. Hover over each element to edit. Once you're done, click Publish at the bottom of the page. It If you want to change product, you can click Change Product. If you want to change template, click Change Template

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