What Is The Advanced Product Engine?

The Advanced Product Engine offers you with greater flexibility and control when it comes to creating and fulfilling products for your store.

There are 5 main features:

  1. Product Bundling - It allows you to bundle one or more product variant(s) by quantity. Learn How.
  2. Split Variants - It allows you to create a separate product for one or more product variant(s). Learn How.
  3. Shipping Method - It allows you to select a specific default shipping method for the product instead of using ePacket. Learn How.
  4. Price Markup - It allows you to create a specific price markup for the product which overrides the price markup set in settings. Learn How.
  5. Vendor Message - It allows you to create a specific message to this product's vendor. (Note: It will override the vendor message in the settings). Learn How.

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