Can I Create A Product Bundling By Variants Through Zero Up™?

With the Advanced Product upload, you have the ability to sell and auto-fulfill a bundle offer by variant. For example, if your AliExpress vendor offers different variant of the product on an AliExpress product page, you can create a single bundled product that sells 2 different variants for a discounted price (i.e Sell two different style of T-Shirt from the same AliExpress product page for $20). You can create this bundle offer on Shopify, your customers will only have to add 1 quantity of the offer to the cart once, and Zero Up™ will fulfill the order by ordering 1 of each variant (2 in total) from the AliExpress vendor.

Using the same example above:

You create a bundle offer to sell two different style of T-Shirt for $20. You have a Shopify product page for this bundle offer (A bundle that contains Style A and Style B). A customer adds the offer to the cart once and pays. Zero Up™ will see the bundle order and order 1  from the AliExpress vendor.

To bundle a product by quantity:

  1. Go to Product Engine.
  2. Enter in a product idea or paste in an AliExpress url to pull up the product you wish to create a bundle.
  3. Click on the 3 horizontal line icon to expand a drop down menu. Then, select "Advanced Product Engine".
  4. Click on the "Switch" icon beside "Product Bundling" to expand your product bundling option.
  5. Check to select the variants you would like to create a bundle and enter in your bundle quantity. For example, to create a bundle for the yellow variant and blue variant, you will check the box besides the yellow variant and also the blue variant and set your quantity for each.
  6. Once complete, click on the "Publish To Shopify" button to publish the product to your Shopify store. Please note that it will create 2 products using the Advanced Product Upload. It will create an original product (with all the variants) and it will create a second product with the bundled option.

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