What Is The Ending Cents Value?

The " Ending Cent Value" simply refers to the price ending. Typically, product prices end in .99, .95. 49, .47 etc. Price ending is closely related to psychological pricing, which is a marketing strategy based on a theory that certain prices have a higher psychological impact on consumers than others. For instance, your brain perceives $2.99 and $3.00 as different values. It will see $2.99 as $2.00 so it is still cheaper than $3.00. Whereas your brain will perceive $2.59 and $2.60 the same. If you are interested in psychological pricing, simply do a Google search and you will find many interesting research and articles about it. 

To make it easy, Zero Up™ allows you to set a default price ending or ending cent value for the products that you publish to your store via the Product Engine. You can set a default ending cent value for the product sell price and the compare at price. 

To set an ending cent value:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Scroll down for the Pricing Conditions.
  3. Enter in the desired ending cent value in the ending cent field box for Selling Price Markup and Compare At Price Markup. You can simply enter the two-digit number (i.e. 95, 90 etc.) without adding the decimal beforehand.
  4. Click "Save".

Please note: If you do not specify an ending cent value, the product prices will be result of the price makeup calculation. 

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