Can I Set A Price Markup Individually For A Product?

Zero Up™ on default will upload products to your Shopify store using the original selling price on AliExpress.  If you have input a Selling Price Markup or a Compared At Price Markup, Zero Up™ will default markup your prices based on your pricing conditions when uploading all the products.

However, if you would like to override the pricing conditions for a specific product you are uploading, you are able to override this settings using the Advanced Product Upload.

To use Advanced Product Upload to markup a product:

  1. Go to Product Engine.
  2. Enter in a product idea or paste in an AliExpress url to pull up the product you wish to create a bundle.
  3. Click on the 3 horizontal line icon to expand a drop down menu. Then, select "Advanced Product Engine".
  4. Click on the switch icon besides Pricing Conditions to expand your pricing criteria.
  5. Enter in your desire Selling Price Markup, Compare At Price Markup, and ending cent value. This new pricing conditions will override the pricing conditions under settings.
  6. Click "Save".

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