How To Set Up A Microsoft Advertising Account?

To set up a Microsoft Advertising account (aka. Bing Ads):

  1. Go to
  2. Click the "Sign Up Now" button. 
  3. Underneath the input field, where it says, "No account?", click on the "Create one!" link. 

  4. If you already own a or email, you can use that to create your ad account. Otherwise, click on "Get a new email address" link to create an email. 

  5. Enter in the email you would like to create. 

  6. Enter in a password. 

  7. Enter in a first and last name. 

  8. Solve the captcha to show that you're a real person. Start with the first row, then the second row of text. Click "Next".

  9. Fill out your account info. Please make sure to select the exact currency and time-zone you're doing business in. 

  10. Check the box to create with Microsoft Advertising's Terms and Conditions. Then click "Create Account". 
  11. On the "Import/Create Campaign" step, click on "Skip Campaign Creation". 

  12. On the "Go Live" step, fill out your business location and tax information. Click "Save".

  13. Enter in your account billing information.

  14. Select the drop-down menu from "Billing Options" and choose "Post Pay" and the payment method. Then enter in your billing information and click "Save".

  15. There you go! You have your Microsoft Advertising account set up!

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