How Do I Filter My Search With Chrome Extension?

Zero Up™'s Chrome Extension allows you to filter your search results on AliExpress making the product picking process much easier! With our extension, you are now able to filter your search results by the following:

- Show Processing Time

- Show Products With AliExpress Standard Shipping
- Show Top-Brand Sellers
- Show Products Shipping From US
To filter your search result, you will need to click on the Zero Up™ Chrome extension from your browser. You must first be logged into your Zero Up™ account on your browser before using the extension.
  1. Click on the "Find products" icon to be redirected to AliExpress.
  2. Once you are on AliExpress, you will be able to have the option to save your filter settings.
  3. To ensure the filter is working properly, you will need to log into your AliExpress account first. Then, you can perform a search on AliExpress which will display you your filtered results.

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